Summit County Department of Job and Family Services remains committed to providing services to our residents.To apply for, renew or update cash, food, medical or child care assistance, call 1-844-640-6446 or click to APPLY HERE  (

To report abuse, neglect or exploitation of seniors, call 330-643-7217.

Documents/verifications can be e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., faxed to 866-351-8292, or use our curbside drop-off box located at the far right end of the building (the box is dark green).

Summit County Department of Job and Family Services recognizes that the community’s needs will increase as a result of COVID-19. Our agency is determining what other assistance we may be able to offer in addition to our existing benefits of SNAP, OWF and Medicaid. We are using this survey to identify families that may need future assistance so we can communicate and reach out to them as we develop new programs to assist them.

COVID-19 Survey


The Summit County Department of Job and Family Services exists to serve the people of Summit County, Ohio, by providing social and career-development services to better the lives of the entire community.

The Summit County DJFS is funded at the county, state and federal level and is charged with executing various programs designed to help people with certain financial, medical and social services. These programs are in place to help ensure that everyone’s basic needs are met, including sufficient nourishment, shelter, medical care and critical social services ranging from childcare to career development.

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Ilene Shapiro, County Executive

County Executive Ilene ShapiroCounty Executive Ilene Shapiro became the fifth Summit County Executive in August of 2016. As Executive, Ilene manages a budget of nearly a half billion dollars and nine departments including: Administrative Services, Communications,  . . .

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Agency Telephone Numbers

Apply/Renew, Case Status
844.640.OHIO (6446)

Fax Number
866.351.8292 (toll-free)