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FAQ for services affected by COVID-19

Will my benefits stop if I miss an appointment or other deadline?

  • SNAP benefits due to expire in March, April, and May 2020 will be extended for six months until September, October, and November 2020.
  • Assistance groups with Interim Reports due in March, April, or May will have due dates extended until after May.
  • Households receiving Ohio Works First assistance will also receive an extension.
  • Medicaid renewals will be suspended for a period of 180 days; coverage will not be lost during this time.

Can SNAP recipients pay for groceries online?

If the retailer (grocery store) does not require payment at the time of ordering, SNAP recipients can call ahead and have the retailer gather their requested items then drive to the store, pick up their groceries, and pay onsite with their EBT card. SNAP recipients can also order online and pay in store.

Which stores offer free curbside grocery pickup in Summit County?

  • All Giant Eagles within Summit County (there is a $35 minimum on all orders). 
  • Walmart Superstores within Summit County (there is a $30 minimum on all orders).

Have mandatory ABAWD work requirements been temporarily suspended? 

The federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act, signed into law on March 18, suspends federal work and work-training requirements for SNAP during the period of a public health emergency declaration, beginning the first full month after the bill is enacted and terminated at the end of the first full month after the declaration is lifted. Receipt of SNAP benefits during the health emergency would not be counted toward time limits. Summit County is currently opening SNAP benefits during this emergency without requiring any work requirements or assessments completed.

Have mandatory OWF work requirements been temporarily suspended?

For cash assistance, applicants must complete the application and assessment process. In Summit County, after the initial phone interview for assistance, the applicant will be contacted by a SCDFJS worker over the phone to complete an assessment and to verbally attest to the self-sufficiency contract and other needed documents. At this time, the assignments for OWF cash assistance will be an alternative work assignment due to the COVID-19 crisis which will not require participation during the period of a public health emergency. If the client cannot be reached over the phone, then the documents will be sent to their address for physical signature. Once the interview and assessment process are completed, the OWF cash assistance can be opened. If the assessment documents are not returned to the agency, the application will be denied after 30 days. The requirement for the assessment cannot been waived or suspended.


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