DJFS Director

Patricia L. Divoky earned her BS in Nursing from Kent State University in1975 and began her career as a staff nurse at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Cleveland. She went on to manage a number of healthcare staffing agencies in the Greater Cleveland area, including Professional Staff Services at University Hospitals’ Home Care, a division of its for-profit Health Care Enterprises, Inc. She then became project director for the Center for Health Affairs in Cleveland until she accepted the position of executive director of the Greater Cleveland Nurses’ Association, where for eight years she honed her skills as an administrator, serving more than one thousand members.
In 1988, Divoky earned her MA in Business Administration from Cleveland State University. In 1992 she returned Cleveland State as an adjunct faculty member in the departments of Nursing and Continuing Education. While there, she developed online curricula and taught computer skills to healthcare professionals. During a portion of that time, she also ran her own Web site development company. In addition, she was appointed to the city council in Highland Heights, Ohio, in 1997, winning the election the following year and subsequently serving in that position for three terms.
Divoky began her tenure with Summit County Department of Job and Family Services as deputy director of Children and Adult Services in March 2002, bringing with her a flair for systems and processes that still serves her today. As deputy director, she oversaw Medicaid, Adult Protective Services, child care eligibility and provider certification, and Prevention, Retention, and Contingency (PRC) contracts with area nonprofit organizations. She also served as the county executive’s liaison to the Social Services Advisory Board and was recently appointed to this board by Summit County Executive Russell M. Pry. In July 2004, she rose to the position of assistant director in charge of programs, adding the cash and food stamp assistance programs and the Ohio Works First, Workforce Investment, and Workforce Development initiatives to her purview.
In June 2010, Executive Pry appointed Divoky to the position of director of the Summit County Department of Job and Family Services. She now oversees a staff of approximately 350 people and a budget of just over $35 million. In addition to ensuring that all agency programs are administered correctly and professionally, she remains active in the community and fiscally supports (as DJFS director), advocates for, and collaborates with other social service agencies, initiatives, and civic organizations in meeting the needs of Summit County’s residents, including Adult Protective Services, the Bridges Out of Poverty and Getting Ahead programs, the Children’s Services Board, the Child Support Enforcement Agency, Community Support Services, Connecting the Dots, CCC/Fame Fathers, H.M. Life Opportunity Services, the Quality of Life Initiative, the Senior Independent Living Coalition, the Summit 2020 Initiative, Summit Community Action, the Summit County Reentry Network, the United Way, and the Urban League.